School of Architecture



To achieve and propagate high standards of excellence in architectural education.


  • The school’s commitment is to prepare people to make a difference.
  • To create an environment that shall foster the growth of intellectually capable, innovative and entrepreneurial professionals, who shall contribute to the growth of the society by adopting core values of learning exploration, rationality and enterprise.
  • To contribute effectively by developing a sustainable technical education system to meet the changing technological needs incorporating relevant social concerns and to build an environment to create and propagate innovative designs and technologies.


  • The School of Architecture is now autonomous (affiliated to VTU) providing scope for further improvement. The focus has been towards fostering novel concepts and solutions in architectural design. The student’s response is very encouraging and the school recognises and appreciates such good students by awarding them. Many of the students after graduation have pursued higher studies in various universities in the country and abroad. There is a good demand for the school graduates in the industry and is developing initiatives towards co-branding of the industry and the institution school. Many have started their own enterprise and architectural practice as well.
  • All this has been possible as a result of the efforts of the impeccable faculty of the school. The faculty is committed to the welfare and success of the students. The teachers of the school are also engaged in enhancing their knowledge and skills and many are engaged in research activities as well. The school has experts in specialized disciplines like Planning, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design. Faculties of the school also actively participate in National and International conferences and publish and present papers.
  • The school as part of consultancy started off with the maiden project to redevelop the MSRIT engineering college campus and is now involved in various campus designs.
  • The school is proud to have started the M.Arch programme in Landscape Architecture. This was started in the year 2011. The Master of Landscape Architecture is a 2 year full time postgraduate programme. The prescribed course is two years of full-time study.
  • The course consists of areas of study ranging from community-scale landscape planning to the details of landscape construction technology, with an emphasis on sustainable practices in landscape architecture. The course covers a broad spectrum of topics from local to regional scale. Balancing theory with hands-on practice, design aspects of landscape architecture is given equal prominence to direct the students towards a holistic approach to Sustainable Landscape Architecture. The course is structured to analyze and respond to critical issues facing contemporary landscape architectural design and development. Thus the students have the opportunity to explore alternative, innovative, and experimental design.
  • The course will enable design and construction professionals to enhance their understanding of the integral relationship between natural processes and human activity, and how sustainable design fits into everyday life, explore design options to address the same and examine policies, regulations, and standards in industry and government for implementation of the principles of sustainable design.


  • The school of architecture, MSRIT, Bangalore, started in the year 1992. Since its establishment, the school has played a vital role in providing quality education. The Council of Architecture and AICTE has recognized this program.
  • The mission of the school is to uphold MSRIT mission and thus provide quality education to the students and mould them to be excellent Architects with adequate management skills and noble human qualities.
  • Full time faculty members having postgraduate qualification from prestigious institutions in India and abroad are teaching in this school. Experienced and well respected practicing architects are invited to provide their experiences as visiting faculty. New milestones are continually being set and achieved. The synergy of the progressive management, committed faculty and students are ensuring in excellent academic results year after year. This is reflected in the high number of University ranks that are secured.

School of Architecture offers two programs that are affiliated to VTU – Belgaum and recognized by COA and AICTE:

  • Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Architecture Engineering.
  • Master of Architecture - Landscape.
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):
  • Graduates of Architecture program will:

    • PEO1: Use the knowledge and skills of Architecture to analyse the real life problems and interpret the results.
    • PEO2: Effectively design, implement, improve and manage the integrated socio-technical and ethical values.
    • PEO3: Build and lead cross-functional teams, upholding the professional responsibilities and ethical values.
    • PEO4: Engage in continuing education and life-long learning to be competitive and enterprising.
Program Outcomes (POs):
  • The programme outcomes of the Bachelor degree in Architecture are:

    • Apply knowledge of skills of arts and sciences to the various architectural scenarios.
    • Design and develop project based on function, form and analysis.
    • Design and improve integrated systems of people, materials, information, facilities and technology.
    • Function as a member of a multi-disciplinary team.
    • Identify, formulate and solve industrial requirements ans problems.
    • Understand and respect professional and ethical responsibility.
    • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
    • Understand the impact of design solutions on a global and societal context.
    • Recognize the need for and an ability to engage in life-long learning.
    • Have knowledge of contemporary issues in industrial and service sectors.
    • Use updated techniques, skills and tools of architecture throughout their professional careers.
    • Implement the concepts of project and construction management to satisfy customer expectations.
Prof Pushpa Devanathan

Dr.Pushpa Devanathan has obtained B.Arch (1983) from MIT Manipal, PGD-Indology from Bangalore University (2000) and M.Arch, ( Habitat Design 2007) from BMSCE, VTU and PhD(2023) from VTU. She is a VTU Gold medalist for M.Arch (Habitat Design) and is the recipient of various ranks through her B.Arch course.

Currently holding the position of Professor and Head at RIT's School of Architecture, Prof. Devanathan combines 38 years of rich experience in both architectural practice and academia.

Her first stint at teaching was at Morogoro Agriculture University, Tanzania. Prior to joining RIT, she served as a Professor for 22 years at BMSCE. Proficient in delivering comprehensive courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, her professional expertise extends across national and international domains within the discipline.

Her professional memberships include the following:

Registered with the Council of Architecture CA/88/11871

Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects (F 6295)

Fellow of the Institution of Valuers (F 6081)

Member-ISTE (LM 40594)

Registered with the BMP

She has an international book publication by the title “Green Building with Concrete-Sustainable Design and Construction” .

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  • Design Studio
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  • Exhibition Hall
  • Material Museum




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